Scrolling text

Scrolling text can be used to present additional promotional messages, announcements or last-minute info, nothing attracts attention like scrolling text. All around us, this technique (scrolling parallax) is used to make dynamic your text but create a scrolling message needs to have programming expertise. For example, you can create a scrolling text by using the marquee tag to scroll up, down, left or right automatically.

Examples of scrolling text

  • Opening scroll : Some movies and television shows open with scrolling text. I've always like Star Wars opening scroll which explains the context and the backstory of the movie.
  • Scrolling banner : Web designers are using scrolling parallax to animate a new generation of creative banners. Each week brings new scrolling websites to the web.
  • Mobile screen : This technique is perfect to display long texts on phone.

Scrolling generator

For a quick look at the scrolling text's effect, click the animation below that have been make with scrolling generator for iPad.

If you have any further ideas or examples related to use of scrolling text, we would be delighted to hear from your. Feel free to leave a comment below.

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