Interactive presentations

Interactive presentations

The rise of touch screen technologies are changing the way people retrieve and manipulate information and make it an engaging experience. Sometimes surprising, many interactive applications have been introduced on drinks vending machine, bar, wall, and bathroom mirror. Although in certain cases, it’s seems like science fiction, many of them will become of great assistance on a daily basis. 

Entertainment and media industry invests in developing new large format touch screens in order to innovate in their field. It invites you to discover a way of interacting directly with on-screen content. Tactile Interaction makes intuitive and playful for a great variety of applications. Touch interface technologies are changing communication whatever the situation : large annual event, retail sales, lobby or meeting. 

Rapid advances in tactile technology create opportunities for marketing and sales professionals to pressent new products and services highlights. Success of touch screen tablets have contributed enormously to the development of these new practices. On iPad, Scrollshow allows many professionals to create unique and innovating presentations, without any programming. There is still therefore a lot of exciting applications to be learned.

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