presentation tool for students and educators

Educators today are looking for new and innovative ways to engage their students, their colleagues, and themselves. Our society roles and how we communicate with one another has changed. Standards and expectations have changed. Presentation is everything and I feel Scrollshow has hit their mark and raised up to set a new bar!

An educator not only has to express ideas and communicate a clear message to their audience, but also help students build the same skills and abilities to prepare them for a bright and successful future. Students are asked to share and prove their new learning through a range of ways. Communication really is key to engaging an audience.

Typical slide presentations have become misused and overused, but lack the engagement of their audience. We've all been in poorly delivered presentations and slides seem disjointed, confusing, and lack connection. A presentation needs to clearly tell a story. Presenting and communicating with Scrollshow has allowed end users to take back audience engagement and truly connect. Presenting with Scrollshow allows the user to tell that story, not disjointed, but in a smooth and connected way. We can now focus on the message while still displaying important key components that are eye appealing and FUN!

Scrollshow has raised the bar providing a new and unique communication tool that is exciting for an educator. They have helped us to tell our story, communicate smoothly, and captivate our audience in new ways. I can only imagine the possibilities and the outcomes that can occur when placed in the hands of students who are looking for a new and innovative way to communicate their message.

By Tim Nielsen - Innovative Educator Consulting, Wisconsin