Parallax scrolling in presentation

Parallax scrolling trend for 2013

You may not know the term “parallax scrolling” but you have definitely seen this effect which is became an increasingly popular trend in web design. A lot of websites achieve crazy effects and interaction that you couldn't imagine.

Many companies and brands are using this technique to guide their users through their websites. The scrolling behavior creates a surprise effect. As a result, users can now interact with websites and explore products and services. We have been seeing parallax sites all over the web in 2012 and we don’t foresee them slowing down in 2013. Especially with Scrollshow, which brings this awesome scrolling techniques in presentation.

With Scrollshow, you can give your presentation a very unique look and feel.

One major reason that parallax scrolling is useful is in how it can be used to engage products in an elegant and appealing way.
It can also be used as a narrative presentation, allowing people to learn more about your story. For example you can make a presentation of your travel using a timeline to show the chronology of events.
For your event, the opening presentation is one of the most exciting time where you can start to grab your audience’s attention. Let scroll your message while registration.

Parallax scrolling can be used to achieve many exciting things in presentation.