Scrolling text

Scrolling text can be used to present additional promotional messages, announcements or last-minute info, nothing attracts attention like scrolling text. All around us, this technique (scrolling parallax) is used to make dynamic your text but create a scrolling message needs to have programming expertise. For example, you can create a scrolling text by using the marquee tag to scroll up, down, left or right automatically.

Examples of scrolling text

  • Opening scroll : Some movies and television shows open with scrolling text. I've always like Star Wars opening scroll which explains the context and the backstory of the movie.
  • Scrolling banner : Web designers are using scrolling parallax to animate a new generation of creative banners. Each week brings new scrolling websites to the web.
  • Mobile screen : This technique is perfect to display long texts on phone.

Scrolling generator

For a quick look at the scrolling text's effect, click the animation below that have been make with scrolling generator for iPad.

If you have any further ideas or examples related to use of scrolling text, we would be delighted to hear from your. Feel free to leave a comment below.

Interactive presentations

Interactive presentations

The rise of touch screen technologies are changing the way people retrieve and manipulate information and make it an engaging experience. Sometimes surprising, many interactive applications have been introduced on drinks vending machine, bar, wall, and bathroom mirror. Although in certain cases, it’s seems like science fiction, many of them will become of great assistance on a daily basis. 

Entertainment and media industry invests in developing new large format touch screens in order to innovate in their field. It invites you to discover a way of interacting directly with on-screen content. Tactile Interaction makes intuitive and playful for a great variety of applications. Touch interface technologies are changing communication whatever the situation : large annual event, retail sales, lobby or meeting. 

Rapid advances in tactile technology create opportunities for marketing and sales professionals to pressent new products and services highlights. Success of touch screen tablets have contributed enormously to the development of these new practices. On iPad, Scrollshow allows many professionals to create unique and innovating presentations, without any programming. There is still therefore a lot of exciting applications to be learned.

More information about Scrollshow :

Scrolling presentations comes to the Web

Scrollshow is proud to announce the launch of, the first hosting website for scrolling presentations.

Thursday, April 11 a new release of Scrollshow for iPad will allow users to publish, share and discover the very first panoramic-scrolling animations on


(Paris, France - April 09, 2013) - Scrollshow is proud to announce the launch of, the first hosting website for scrolling presentations.  From their iPad, Scrollshow users can now publish, share and discover the very first panoramic-scrolling animations.
Instead of jumping from one slide to another, all content could be scrolled left or right like any webpages, thanks to a single horizontal view. The published presentations are opened to everyone, and can be shared on social networks or embedded in a blog.

Scrollshow 2.0 for iPad
This new release of Scrollshow also integrates vertical movements of any objects.  Ideal for the take off of your presentation, as shown in this Scrollshow 2.0 rocket’s presentation:
Something new and different"Why sticking to the slide format you can find on a 10-year-old PC? We rather wanted to invent a new approach taking advantage of the multi-touch screen possibilities", explained the Founders of Scrollshow.

About Scrollshow
Scrollshow is the first presentation editor using scrolling for iPad.  The panoramic format of the presentation considerably enhances a project timeline or trip memories.  With amazing infographics, the scrolling animation could be used as opening credits for events and product presentations.  has the goal to become the Youtube of presentations.

The Plimse company was founded in 2011 in Paris, France, by Damien Greff and Erwann Robin.

Concours Startup Académie

Votez pour faire gagner le prix du public à Scrollshow :

«Dans le cadre du prix du public organisé par la Startup Academy, nous retrouvons DamienGreff, dirigeant de Plimse, éditeur de Scrollshow.»
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Parallax scrolling in presentation

Parallax scrolling trend for 2013

You may not know the term “parallax scrolling” but you have definitely seen this effect which is became an increasingly popular trend in web design. A lot of websites achieve crazy effects and interaction that you couldn't imagine.

Many companies and brands are using this technique to guide their users through their websites. The scrolling behavior creates a surprise effect. As a result, users can now interact with websites and explore products and services. We have been seeing parallax sites all over the web in 2012 and we don’t foresee them slowing down in 2013. Especially with Scrollshow, which brings this awesome scrolling techniques in presentation.

With Scrollshow, you can give your presentation a very unique look and feel.

One major reason that parallax scrolling is useful is in how it can be used to engage products in an elegant and appealing way.
It can also be used as a narrative presentation, allowing people to learn more about your story. For example you can make a presentation of your travel using a timeline to show the chronology of events.
For your event, the opening presentation is one of the most exciting time where you can start to grab your audience’s attention. Let scroll your message while registration.

Parallax scrolling can be used to achieve many exciting things in presentation.

Reinforce your presentation

Support your message with a compelling visual theme throughout your presentation.

You clearly need a consistent visual theme to convey your information in a way that is engaging, and easy for the audience to understand and remember. Most templates included in classic presentation editor tools have been seen by your audience.

Your visual theme shapes the way others see you and your company. With Scrollshow visual themes, you bring contextual information in your messages that reinforce their impact.

Our visual theme use multiple background images that move at different but synchronized speeds at the command of a finger’s scroll. With this unique scrolling technique, it provides a way to creatively interact with the content in an exciting way.